FKT 180 Domyos

The FKT 180 Domyos abound in beginner boxing classes for its low price: 11.99 euros, possibly being one of the cheapest models we are going to find.

These are basic gloves that fit with velcro and are available in various sizes. In terms of materials, they combine a uniform filling inside with a mesh and plastic exterior.

You will see them in the gyms for their price and they can be an alternative if you are not sure if you are going to like it or are going to practice boxing sporadically at a low level, otherwise, they deteriorate quite easily.

Leone 1947 Flash

Leone 1947 is a signature with a hearth in boxing. One of its gloves from the entry range is the Leone 1947 Flash, an affordable model to start: they are made of PVC, with velcro and dense padding that even squeezes the hand. They are not very breathable. From 17.81 euros

Everlast 1803 Rodney

The well-known boxing brand Everlast has in its catalog the Everlast 1803 Rodney model, available in various sizes and colors on Amazon from 24.95 euros. This model has velcro, dense double layer foam to better absorb shock and double stitching. Made of synthetic leather.


Another option in the entry range are these Adidas gloves, available in various colors and sizes on Amazon from 27.99 euros. They are made of flexible synthetic leather, resistant to use and moisture and reinforced foam. With velcro to put them on and take them off easily.

Everlast Pro Style

We continue to rise in price and functions with a model for those who have started in boxing and liked it so much that they intend to continue. The Everlast Pro Style has a durable and functional synthetic exterior, with velcro closure but details such as double stitching, antimicrobial lining, and mesh fabric to perspire. On Amazon from 29.50 euros.

Venum Challenger 2.0

If you like aggressive design, the renowned firm Venum has the most strident designs in its glove catalog. The Venum Challenger 2.0 is available in various colors and sizes with its characteristic cobra on the back and are a good alternative for beginner and regular users, three-layer foam, a wide velcro, long cuff to protect the arm somewhat, reinforced seams and the Fixed thumb to protect it more. From 32 euros on Amazon.

Adidas Expert

If you are clear that you love boxing and want gloves for the present and the future, this Adidas model ( 44.99 euros in Decathlon) is made of natural leather, more resistant and adjustable, with velcro and dense foam that provides good cushioning of impacts.

Rude Boys RB Hammer

Rude Boys is the brand that carries the Spanish boxing federation and, although we are still very far from that level, they also have simpler gloves for beginners such as these Rude Boys RB Hammer made of leather, very comfortable, resistant and versatile. They have 4 layers of molded foam for maximum protection. On Amazon from 54.56 euros.

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