If you like choreographed classes, you are challenged and you want to download adrenaline, you will undoubtedly be interested in the five benefits of Body Combat. Cane music, very motivated monitors and new movements in each launch are some of the extras that this discipline provides us.

Perhaps the most important benefit that Body Combat brings us is a great improvement at the cardiovascular level: the one-hour non-stop movement classes condition the heart and increase our resistance to effort.

The movements based on different combat techniques, such as Kick Boxing or Muay Thai, help us strengthen our muscles by working all the large muscle groups of our body. The increase in strength is significant in the Body Combat classes.

These same movements require good coordination and greater flexibility, qualities that are not always worked in collective classes. The different types of kicks (front, side, with a jump …) tone the lower train while making us more agile and functional.

If you are looking for a fat-burning workout, possibly one of the best options is the Body Combat. The main job is aerobic so that a class in this discipline helps us burn fat without getting ahead of our muscle.

The work of the core or central part of the body is very intense in a Body Combat class. Many of the movements require a good level of balance, which always starts from our central zone. In addition, the force we print on blows always leaves our abdominal area, resulting in good training for this group.

Personally, the Body Combat seems to be one of the funniest and most engaging options when training in the gym. Combining it with other classes such as Body Pump, room training and cardiovascular work we can obtain optimal results.

Do you dare to put on the bandages and try a class?

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