The truth is that little by little more people lose their fear of the bag, gloves, kicks and punches and more and more are adding to kickboxing training, either as an isolated training or to complement your routine.

Now, what are the benefits we can get from the practice of kickboxing? We tell you to encourage you, at least, to try it once (and they say the one who tries it always repeats!).

  • Improving your aerobic capacity: a large part of kickboxing classes have an aerobic component. From the warm-up, during which we can jump rope ( with all the benefits that that implies ) to the most technical parts where different combinations of strokes with arms and legs are worked, as well as blockages and dodges. A fun way to raise your pulsations.
  • Improvement of your coordination: the great forgotten for many athletes, but important both in our training and in our daily life. The coordination is a motor skill that allows us to perform fluid movements in an orderly manner, synchronizing the different muscles that are involved in them. It is one of the skills that most deteriorate over time, so working it now can be beneficial to increase our quality of life in the future.
  • Work of your entire central zone: we talked a long time ago about the ‘serape effect’, by which we know that all movements begin and end in the central area of ​​our body. For this reason, especially in kickboxing, it is important to have a well-worked core: all the kicks or punches that we are going to perform will always start from the internal musculature of our central area, which is responsible for printing strength and speed at each hit and it will remain active during virtually the entire training session.
  • Goodbye to stress: without a doubt, kickboxing is one of the most stressful activities you can do to free yourself from the tensions of your day to day. It is not only that hitting a bag or a companion (in a controlled way and with the corresponding protections) helps you release energy, but also that the kickboxing demands a high degree of concentration during your practice, something that will get you to forget, when less for a while, of other worries of your daily life.

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