Any time is good to start training: the most important thing is that, from now on, it becomes a habit. For this, something basic is that we find the sport or type of training that we like, so that going to classes is not an obligation, but that we take it as an option for our free time.

To facilitate the task, we tell you what are the collective classes of the gym that can help us get in shape, what we are going to find and what we can expect from each of them.

Spinning or cycle-indoor: pedals to the rhythm of the music to work your lower train

This is your class if: you love to train with music because music is essential in this discipline. Once the training session is designed, the music is selected (often disc or trance, since they have a very suitable BPM to give pedals) depending on what we are going to do, and the class is performed at the same pace.

What to expect: the spinning or indoor cycle works mainly on the lower body muscles, including our legs and our buttocks, on which most of the work falls. We will also work on our resistance and strengthen the core musculature, responsible for our good posture.

Zumba and aerolatino: dance to get fit

This class is for you if: you are the king or queen of the track when you go out to a party or at any time of the day. If your thing is to move your hips to the rhythm of reggaeton, cumbia, merengue or bachata songs and you also want to sweat and get fit while doing it, do not miss this class.

What to expect: Zumba classes (with predetermined choreography) and aerolatino classes are a party. By moving to the rhythm of these Latin rhythms you will get good aerobic training and also improve your coordination and agility. They are also very useful for improving our self-esteem by dancing in a group.

Body Combat: kicks and punches with the latest musical hits

This class is for you if: what you are looking for is to get rid of everyday stress. If you like contact sports like boxing or kickboxing, but you are more giving than receiving, Body Combat is definitely a good option for you.

What you can expect: through the Body Combat, you will improve your endurance, since you will work on an aerobic base practically without resting for 50 minutes. The shoulders take a good part of the work in this class, as well as the legs and buttocks.

HIIT classes: butt effort in no time

This class is for you if: you have little time to train but you are looking for effective training that puts your pulsations to the fullest in a short time. Of course, you have to be willing to train at a high intensity and with short breaks.

What to expect: the HIIT training (high-intensity interval training or interval training) has become a place also in the group classes gyms. The secret of the effectiveness of this type of training is in the COPD ( excess post-exercise oxygen consumption or excess post-exercise oxygen consumption ), which manages to keep our metabolism elevated even after having finished training. This helps us improve calorie burning on the one hand and preserve our muscle mass on the other.

Body Pump: weight training reaches collective classes

This class is for you if: you know that strength training is essential both to improve aesthetically and to improve your health, but you are very lazy to train in the fitness room.

What to expect: The Body Pump offers full strength training for our entire body through basic exercises (squats, deadlifts, oars ) and accessory exercises ( abdominal irons, triceps bottoms, shoulder openings). It is a resistance work combined with absolute strength training (with external weights).

Crosstraining or cross-training: variety and full bodywork

This class is for you if: what you are looking for is a group training where the community is encouraged, with a varied work to work cardio, strength, agility, and flexibility in equal parts.

What to expect: crosstraining or cross-training is the generic name of CrossFit, in this case not attached to a trademark or to the training and certification systems of the brand’s own professionals. Does this mean it will be a worse workout? It doesn’t have to, it always depends on the professional who teaches it. In these classes, you will be able to work all the basic physical abilities through different exercises: weightlifting movements, basic exercises, cardio work, kettlebell training, etc. If you are looking for varied training with which to give everything, this is your class.

Yoga, Pilates, and Body Balance: mind and body fit

It is the class for you if: what you are looking for is to work both the body and mind in the same class. The body-mind disciplines are very complete and help us to work on our relative strength (in relation to our body weight), our flexibility, concentration and body awareness at the same time that we relax and put aside the stress of everyday life.

What to expect: both in Yoga and Pilates and in Body Balance (a combination of the previous two with elements of the Taichi) the work of the muscles of the central area of ​​our body occupies a good part of the class. A well-worked core makes it easy for us to reach a correct posture, not only in class but throughout the day. In addition, the mind-muscle connection, learning to be aware of where we are in space and how we move in it (in the simplest and safest way possible) is another of the great benefits that we will obtain from these disciplines.

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