How to get in shape with 20-minute boxing sessions

If you are interested in knowing how to get in shape with boxing sessions this article is perfect for you. This sport allows you to burn fat, lose weight, develop muscles and feel psychologically well. shared advice for women’s boxing with our blog readers. Although it is a fact that boxing training sessions are […]

Five benefits of Body Combat

If you like choreographed classes, you are challenged and you want to download adrenaline, you will undoubtedly be interested in the five benefits of Body Combat. Cane music, very motivated monitors and new movements in each launch are some of the extras that this discipline provides us. Perhaps the most important benefit that Body Combat […]

Cauliflower ear

By name, it may seem a matter of laughter, but the reality is that it is not so. The “cauliflower ears” are one of the most common strains in fighters martial arts and rugby players and other contact sports that occurs because of a nasty blow or many repeated blows in this area of the […]

Boxing gloves for beginners

FKT 180 Domyos The FKT 180 Domyos abound in beginner boxing classes for its low price: 11.99 euros, possibly being one of the cheapest models we are going to find. These are basic gloves that fit with velcro and are available in various sizes. In terms of materials, they combine a uniform filling inside with […]

Choose boxing gloves to get started: shopping guide for beginners

Boxing gloves are one of the fundamental protections for practitioners of these sports because they minimize the impact of blows, reducing the risk of injury. Although we know that they are padded gloves – we have seen them in films such as the mythical Rocky or Million Dollar Baby, to put popular examples -, when […]

The benefits you can get by adding kickboxing to your training

The truth is that little by little more people lose their fear of the bag, gloves, kicks and punches and more and more are adding to kickboxing training, either as an isolated training or to complement your routine. Now, what are the benefits we can get from the practice of kickboxing? We tell you to […]